Dynamic and Localized Pricing

  • Automatically Adjust pricing of in-app items based on local currencies
  • Uses Predictive Analytics Econometric Models to discover the Price Elasticity for each IAP in each currency
  • Further Optimizes Prices by creating Personalized Offerings on a 1-1 basis
  • Dynamic Pricing: Optimization of pricing points based on price elasticity; automatic discovery of custom supply / demand curves
  • International / Localized Pricing: Local purchasing power based on purchase pricing index; markets with different pricing elasticities and currencies
  • Real Time Bundling of In-App Purchases: Auto creation of bundles based on negatively correlated goods and consumer propensity to buy
  • Rich variety of integration methods: own SDKs, MAT/Tune, Adjust, Appsflyer, Server to Server

Retention and Loyalty: Optimize LTV

  • Dozens of Automated Loyalty Tactics personalized for each consumer
  • Offered as a Visual Overlay embedded into the game
  • Completely Independent of Gameplay offers single-line SDK integration
  • Next Best Action and automated intelligent recommendations to maximize retention and LTV
  • Birds-eye view: Cross-game customer view & whales "management"