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NFT-first Publishers & Marketplaces

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AI-powered optimization tools for NFT marketplaces and crypto-projects

The NFT entertainment market is rapidly becoming mainstream, with more crypto and NFT projects being launched every day. Adoption of the right performance optimization tools is critical to an optimized game and ecosystem economy.

If you are an NFT-first entertainment and gaming publisher looking to maximize user LTV and game economy, or an NFT marketplace looking to maximize user retention, our performance and LTV optimization suite offers a variety of customized solutions:

  • Loyalty programs and gamification layers to boost LTV
    Next Generation 3D Data
  • Visualizations with NFT pixel by pixel analysis
  • Next Best Action frameworks that can optimize promo inventory per user.

Engagement Amplification

Loyalty, VIP Tier System & Gamification tactics to boost player retention & monetization incentives – deeply integrated in the already existing user flow.

Token Economy Optimization

Real-time demand monitoring to determine optimal mix of Price, Quantity (supply) and Royalties with further Optimization via incentives on selected NFT’s.

LTV Optimization as a Service

Forecast use behavior and predict user attrition with explanations on factors of high influence. Get personalized recom- mendations for each stage of the user journey and maximize LTV.

Predictive Pricing for NFTs

Predictive econometric pricing models and real-time price generation. Enjoy price optimization for user selling listings and maximize revenue with minimum threshold price for the listing based on asset attributes and scarcity.

Next Best Action Framework

The Right Action in Every Part of the Journey

The Next Best Action Framework and Counterfactual Simulations optimize your promo inventory and Lifetime Value of your users in real time. They trigger and serve the best offers with the best creatives at the best time.

Cinderella: 3D Visualization

Drive better & faster decisions through 3D visuals

Cinderella is a revolution in the industry of data visualization and audience management. Its Next Generation 3D Visualization Engine is a new way to experience and understand data, contrary to the outdated data analysis found in static 2D charts, typical BI reporting tools, and traditional analytics dashboards.

Make better decisions by letting ML to decide what to visualize and how to visualize it, and transforming your Big Data into valuable actionable insights. Our AI-driven platform enables Human Perception and Cognitive Reality 3D-Systems, to visually surface the information that makes an impact.

Extreme Interactivity with ML-based Visualization Paradigms

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