How It Works

Quick answer: Magic!

Long Answer: One easy-to-use, fully automated platform that uses AI to model consumer behavior and come up with their next best action real-time!

Either it is the next best loyalty tactic or the next best price recommendation, wappier’s AI Engine processes more than 1b data points per day to optimize and extend each consumer’s journey.

AI-Powered Technology fueled with:

Machine Learning

predictive analytics

deep learning

extra love

Aiming to:

Retain Longer

Engage Deeper

Convert Further

Monetize More

App developers and marketers use scripts to automate the things they don’t have time to do, think of us as your Intelligent Revenue Management Scripts.

We are building a universal optimization engine that uses AI and Machine Learning to analyze data and model consumer behavior in order to maximize revenue and retention for each specific consumer real-time.

Our platform automatically generates relevant and smart audiences based on their probability to churn/buy and their projected LTV to serve them the right tactic at the optimal timing thus prolong their lifetime cycle.

Users Acquired … Now What?

We help you automate your post-acquisition funnel optimization!

The 5 Steps Our AI Engine follows to get actionable answers from data:

Data Collection
Data Transformation
Algorithm Training Kick-off

Data Training, Evaluation, and Analysis
Hyperparameter Tuning
User Behavior Modeling (retention curve, propensity to buy, probability to churn, LTV, …)

Expected User LTV is X
Expected User Next Best Tactic is Y (Loyalty AI Engine)
Expected User Next Best Price / Offer is Z (Pricing AI Engine)

1-1 Next Best Action Recommendation:
Optimal Offer
Optimal Channel
Optimal Timing

KPI Monitoring and Evaluation: 30-50% Performance Increase


Highlights To Die For

Smart Audiences

From 10k to 100m MAUs, the wappier platform gives you the ability to manage your consumers in the easiest and most data-driven way! Go beyond country, age or platform filtering, by creating dynamic smart audiences based on current and forecasted behavioral patterns.

Select “whales with 70%+ propensity to churn” and send them a personalized, limited-time Bundle Tactic!

Test Lab

We believe in “Test, Measure, Learn, Repeat”. Save 50% of your BI Team’s time by giving them the ability to experiment with simple A/B Tests or let them go nuts with Advanced Multivariate Testing.

Which Loyalty Tactic or Price Offer works best for minnows during midnight hours? Let data give you the answer, #automagically!

Predictive Analytics

Our real-time, all-in-one Analytics are one of the platform extras you will love. Move beyond MAUs, Revenue and Day 7 Retention, by gaining deep insights on real-time user behavior, dynamic conversion funnels, and trend forecasting.

See what works and what doesn’t, create your own reports, share them with your co-workers and set up alerts when a KPI is dropping.

wappier Analytics Dashboard

Let’s Get Started!

Why you will love working with us:

✓ Easy Set-Up & Integration

✓ 24/7 Customer Support

✓ Full UI & Branding Customization

You probably have questions, let’s talk and see how we could work together

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Platform Sign Up & Training

Step 4

Set-Up & Solution Configuration

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Step 6

Ongoing Solution Management & Optimization