We are living in times where a major paradigm shift is happening. We have entered the age of deep learning, and the advent of AI is redefining almost everything.

Marketing included.

The relationship between brands and consumers is being fundamentally altered, and businesses are called to make a decision.

Brands embracing the force of AI will develop an unprecedented competitive advantage.

The others not so much (remember the dodo?).

It’s natural selection.

Figure 1. Non AI-powered brand in 5 years

In Arthur Clarke’s words, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”.

That’s why we do things automagically. Our technology generates accurate consumer behavior predictions and suggests real-time next best actions.

Welcome to wappier.

We believe that when technology is adopted by carbon-based lifeforms in a way that creates value, every-day business practices can be revolutionized.

Born out of the bond between marketing technology and data-driven intelligence, our goal is clear. We want to help businesses embrace the power of AI, challenge their limits, and step into a world of Next Generation Marketing Excellence.

Machine-learning algorithms, deep automated understanding of consumer behavior, 3D visualization paradigms, and an AI-powered platform, enable our customers to dive into an ocean of data, uncover incremental efficiencies, launch dynamically adaptive consumer-led journeys, and optimize in real-time interactions and outcomes.

 We are inventing the technology that will allow our customers to maximize their customers’ value in ways that didn’t exist before.

Through our technology, our customers’ revenue optimization compounding period is one second. Is yours a whole quarter?

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