Next Best Action

Next Best Action dynamically targets each consumer with the optimal offer, messaging, tone of voice and background image at the optimal moment!

Get from an audience of millions to millions of individual-based audiences, and boost all critical consumer metrics.

Next Best Action

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Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

See Customer Lifetime Value significantly increased, by optimizing value of targeted offers, purchase frequency and retention.

Boost Engagement

Enjoy significant engagment uplift seeing consumers staying longer and interacting more with your brand or app.

Increase brand satisfaction

Offer an optimized experience per each individual and make your customers love you more!

Our ML-powered engine, is producing personalized recommendations by creating, analyzing and assesing each individual’s metrics, such as probability to churn,  probability to convert, lifetime value.

Through a dynamic assembly of interstitials & ads and the real-time personalized offer generation, each individual is served with the optimal offer, messaging, tone of voice and background image at the optimal moment.

Engagement, revenue and retention rates, are maximized resulting in a moments-based customer Lifetime Value optimization.

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Data We Collect

[GDP, Exchange Rate, Unemployment Rate, …]

[Device Price, Housing/Rents, …]

Game Market Statistics
[Revenue, Growth, …]

Mobile Tech Statistics
[Smartphone Penetration, Android vs iOS, …]

Device Context
[Device, Device Price, Resolution, Platform, …]

Game Context
[Genre, Rating, DAUs/MAUs, F2B %, …]

Temporal Elements
[Seasonality, Trends, …]

Gameplay Context
[Level, Sessions per Day, Events per Day, Purchase History

Machine Learning / Models We Use

Revenue Regression Models

Micro-Level Non-Linear Demand Estimation Models

Behavioral Economics Adjustments (Psychological Pricing)

Multi-Armed Bandit Optimization

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Global Pricing

Promotional Pricing

Engagement Amplification

ML-Driven 3D Visualization